WooMeNow Experience Viewing Concept

Web application that offers curated dating experiences to inspire and encourage couples, families and friends to maintain healthy relationships.

Project Details

Timeline: Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

Project Type: College Project

Role: Worked as 1 of 2 Project Managers

Team: 12 person team

Tools/Software Used:

  • Powerpoint

  • Mockflow

  • HTML/CSS (Bootstrap)

  • Photoshop

  • Trello


Redesigning the UI of the Waze application to improve user safety with additional safety features

Quick Summary

As a Project Manager, I kept constant correspondence with the clients in order to keep them up to date with our progress and make sure their needs were being met while still making sure the tasks were possible for my team. I designed the wireframes and helped format the UI for the 3D viewport, payment portal, and thank you screens to match the design scheme already in place. Other accomplishments included assisting with integrating the email API (SendGrid) and creating 3D textures for the 3D rendering viewport to apply to the 3D models.

UX Portfolio Case Study Template

Project Title & Subtitle (A headline and subtitle that indicates the name and goal of the project)

Client/Company/Project type

Project date (When did you work on the project)

Your role (What you were responsible for on the project)

Project Summary/About this Project (An overview that summarizes the project, goal and results)

The challenge (What specific problem, user needs, business requirements and/or pain points that the project solves. Were there any technical constraints or business KPIs you had to keep in mind? Who are you users and what are their specific needs)

Solution (What method/process were used to solve specific problem, user needs, business requirements and/or pain points? How did features address the objectives?)

Results (Project success metrics, awards, reflections, project next steps and/or lessons learnt)