I am...

a multidisciplinary product designer specializing in detail-oriented, pixel-perfect designs. With a focus in user experiences, I strive to create thorough and helpful designs that bring projects to life.

Fun Fact: I'm not only a digital artist, I'm also a real-life artist! Want to see?


Information Architecture

User Research

Wireframing and Rapid Prototyping





User Personas, Affinity Analysis, and User Needs

Journey Mapping and User Flows

Design for Mobile Devices


Design Thinking

Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, XD...)

3D Modeling / Animation (Blender)

Miscellaneous Programs Used:
Jira, Confluence, Azure Dev Ops, Trello, Miro, Notion, Power BI, and Rise Articulate 360, Invision...


Contract UI/UX Designer

Mar 2022 - Present


Mar 2018 - Feb 2022

WordPress Developer

Dec 2021 - Present

Oct 2021 - Present

Great Leaps



Training Program Coordinator

Research Assistant

Dec 2018 - Aug 2021

Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research (FICS)

UI/UX Design Intern

Jul 2020 - Oct 2020


  • Managed training coordination for client events

  • Regularly forecasted and tracked training resource budgets

  • Redesigned and developed training website and LMS on WordPress

  • Conducted a UX audit, created a site map, and built an information architecture diagram for an Application Development contract

  • Designed Training Podcast landing page wireframe and prototypes

  • Modernized UI and developed child-friendly branding design scheme focused on increased engagement and accessibility for children with learning disabilities

  • Gathered user requirements and performed user research in order to determine product design decisions

  • Implemented a user testing practice, wrote user stories and personas, and performed and usability testing sessions

  • Designed and worked with Agile development team to build components and design library in Figma

  • Created wireframes and prototypes for user dashboards, landing page, professional development and training page, and lesson search functionality

  • Conducted usability reviews of simulations in development to enhance student experience

  • Managed general site maintenance and site development

  • Provided consultation to CEO on implementing vision for brand with future practicality

  • Developed high-fidelity wireframes for a new “Experience Viewing” concept

  • Involved in 3 separate research projects: determining which groups of people are more susceptible to phishing attacks, patterns in computer usage, and how developers interpret and reason security risks about code between java and python.

  • Managed participant communication, compensation, and phishing content creation (e.g. emails, snail mail letters, surveys, flyers).

  • Championed creation of landing pages for phishing attacks.

  • Built out wireframes based on user flow and design guidelines

  • Developed a modern layout for the web application including color schemes, typography, art style, and UI elements based on research of current trends in effective user interface for AI products.

Expert Partner Network specializing in Cloud, Data & AI, Microservices, Security, Infrastructure & DevOps, Applications, Training and Media

Research based reading and math interventions aimed towards K-12 students with learning disabilities

Equitable, culturally responsive, and accessible virtual labs and engineering design simulations for grades K‑12

Subscription service for Date Night Experiences and local events.

Institute providing expertise in all aspects of cybersecurity and assurance including hardware, networks, mobile, big data, internet of things (IoT), applied cryptography, machine learning, social sciences, law, and more.

Real-estate AI-based web application geared towards streamlining the millennial home-buying process

Graphic Design / Education / Cybersecurity / Crypto / VR/AR Experiences (XR) / Dating / Real-Estate / Manufacturing / etc...


I've worked on many projects over a variety of topics.
Here are some of the topics I've designed experiences for:


Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner

IBM Training

Aug 2021


Data Analytics Certficate


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