Slice Engineering LLC

Transform ideas into realities through a 3D printing viewport and ordering portal

Project Details

Timeline: Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

Project Type: College Project

Role: Worked as 1 of 2 Project Managers

Team: 12 person team

Tools/Software Used:

  • Powerpoint

  • Mockflow

  • HTML/CSS (Bootstrap)

  • Photoshop

  • Trello


Our task was to create a 3D viewport page and ordering system for the local 3D printing company, Slice Engineering LLC, while keeping the same web design palette that was being utilized on their site at the time.

Quick Summary

As a Project Manager, I kept constant correspondence with the clients in order to keep them up to date with our progress and make sure their needs were being met while still making sure the tasks were possible for my team. I designed the wireframes and helped format the UI for the 3D viewport, payment portal, and thank you screens to match the design scheme already in place. Other accomplishments included assisting with integrating the email API (SendGrid) and creating 3D textures for the 3D rendering viewport to apply to the 3D models.

Being my first UX design project, I essentially replicated the current design scheme of the website in Mockflow, and then designed the new features utilizing that same design scheme. Since the design scheme was already very minimal, keeping the same clean and simple design became essential.

Throughout this project, we met with the owner of the company in order to get a better gauge of what exactly he was looking to add to the site. We did an initial session in order to get as many questions answered as possible and drill down into the fine details in order to determine the overall scope and difficulty of this project.